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School Psychologist Assignments

Office of Special Education – Psychologists

LeAnn Cooper - Berkeley Heights, Orchard View, South Middle

Danny Crum - AU/BD, Homebound, Therapy, Crisis Management

Kristen Frace - Tuscarora, Eagle Intermediate, Opequon, Martinsburg High

Shelley Hale -  Hedgesville Middle, Hedgesville High, Musselman High, Spring Mills Middle, Spring Mills High,

Denise Holmes - Bunker Hill, Inwood Primary, Mill CreeK Intermediate

Chris Inguanti - Gerrardstown, Hedgesville Elementary, Tomahawk

Shannah Irish - Back Creek, Burke Street, Mountain Ridge Intermediate, Mountain Ridge Middle

Stephanie Keffer - Bedington, Marlowe, Potomack

Teri Kimball - Pikeside, Valley View, Musselman Middle

Amy Murray - Rosemont, Winchester Avenue, Spring Mills Primary

Private/Parochial Schools:  Kara Combs is lead coordinator for private schools.  Kara Combs will work with private schools and instruct them on the special education process and SPL as it pertains to SLD.  Kara Combs will notify assigned Psychologist of the need for a private school MDET and she will go to the school for the MDET.  Any Home School Referral goes to the Psychologist for the school that the student would attend if in a Berkeley County School.  Kara Combs will follow each case until its conclusion. 

*All PSSN students will be served according to which school they are attending.

*Pikeside exits will be assigned according to their home schools.  Psychologist will cover that student start to finish.