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JobCorps - Great Opportunity for Students

Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16-24 improve the quality of their lives by empowering them to get great jobs and become independent. It is a great opportunity that can lead to a GED, High School Diploma, Certification, or a College Degree. 



1. No cost means no cost.   Everything is paid for 100%.

2. This includes all education, healthcare, food, housing, transportation.  

3. See different parts of the US by looking at programs and selecting to go for one in a different area

4. NOT only for bad or unproductive people. It's an opportunity to get where you want to go and to meet helping people who can show you the path there.

5. A chance to figure out what you want and where you want to be while gaining valuable knowledge and skills. 


List of Careers  


For more information on Job Corps, including eligibility requirements and location of the center nearest you, please visit JobsCorps Info or call 1-800-733-JOBS (5627). You can also email the local representative below:

Raheem Turane

Lead OA/CTS Satellite Offices Supervisor