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Box Tops for Education

Box Tops Our school earns 10 cents for every box top submitted.

Collection sheets are available anytime. Just let your child’s teacher know. You can have as many collections sheets as you like.

Things to remember:

*We cannot earn money on any box tops which are: Expired Missing the expiration date Advertisements (they must say official coupons)

* WE have to submit them in groups of 50, so placing the CORRECT number on a collection sheet really saves us time. If there are odd numbers on the sheets, we have to remove those and place them on sheets correctly.

*Box Tops can be submitted to US in envelopes or baggies. No specific number is necessary. We can attach them to sheets from here. Of course, we always appreciate the help! Keep clipping and sending!

Any questions should be directed to Melanie Holloman.