Find Our School

  • Tuscarora Elementary school was opened in 1976, and originally housed students in grades K-6. Today, Tuscarora serves students in grades Pre-K- 2 and serves roughly 350 students each year. Each grade level at Tuscarora has 4 classrooms. Tuscarora is a Title 1 facility that utilizes a school-wide model and a 3 tiered approach for Reading instruction. The school has over 65 staff members who are eager to help each child achieve their goals!

Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement  

    Learning for All - whatever it takes.    


    Core Beliefs  

    1. All children can and will learn.  

    2. All teachers can and will provide a learning environment that allows for student growth and development.  

    3. All teachers are committed to the growth of every child.


Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan for Tuscarora available upon request