• Advisors:
    Mrs. Mullenax, Mrs. Ferro, Mrs. Kesecker


    Berkeley County's Math Field Day is designed as an enrichment activity to promote mathematical reasoning and a balanced mathematics curriculum for all students in upper elementary, middle and high school. 

    Participation allows students to join together in promoting excellence in mathematics and demonstrate their math knowledge through competition in the following elements: computational and procedural skill, conceptual understanding and problem-solving. 


    2022-2023 County Math Field Day Results

    6th Grade J. Cameron Smith- 1st place Jackson Painter- 3rd place Nolan Flanigan- 6th place Ellie Palmer- 10th place Nathan Lampkin- 11th place Charlotte Gorton- 15th place  

    7th Grade Adrian Pena- 4th place Dexter Hornby- 11th place Aria McTighe- 19th place Shavaun McVearry- 21st place Mackenzie Via- 27th place Mina Ghobrial- 28th place

    8th Grade Jonah Mullenax- 1st William Wagner- 4th Eric Mauzy- 6th Chelsea Haines- 8th Isabella DiPasquale- 11th Alyza Hairston- 16th

    Congratulations to all of our participants!