• Technology 

    DEVICE: Every student will be assigned a chromebook for their school use

    (Students may choose to use their own device and will be able to access wi-fi at school)

     Log in will be given by any teacher or Mrs Kissner

    Learning Management System: 

    Berkeley County Schools use Schoology for accessing and submitting assignments and grades.

    Student will access at

     (Log in will be the same as logging into your device)

     Click here for Schoology Support

    Parents can also create an account and will access it at

    (email Mrs Kissner for help creating this account at 


    Other Platforms:     

    Office365   Students receive and Office 365 account---THIS IS THE STUDENT EMAIL ACCOUNT

    Log in is the same as the device log in but needs to be added to the username


    Google        Students receive a Google account 

     Log in is the same as the device log in but is added to the username                                                                                                  



  • 1.  When should I recieve my device? 

    At the beginning of the year, devices are handed out in English classes.  After that, the device along with your log in will be delivered to you in class.

    2.  How do I get my log in?

    Any teacher will have access to most log ins, but after the beginning of the year, the log ins will be delivered with your device

     3.  What if my device is not working?  

    Submit a Student Technology form

    This is also found on the Website and stickers with the QR code can be found in most classrooms and some Schoology courses

    if a different device is necessary, it will be brought to you and swapped out in class. 

    4.  How much will a device cost?

    The use of the device is free and you will receive 1 free repair, lost or stolen device or charger will require payment.