Opequon Elementary Welcome Toolkit

Vision & Mission

  • Our Mission:

    Together We Can...

    • Dream It
    • Believe It
    • Achieve It

    Core Beliefs 

    1. The school promotes positive character development for children to become productive members of the community. 
    1. All students should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 
    1. Our job is to ensure optimal success for each student by creating an environment where students feel safe and motivated to learn. 
    1. Each child should be successful in some way every day. 
    1. It takes a team (staff, students, family, and community) to work together for students. 
    1. Our school inspires students to be lifelong learners. 
    1. The curriculum reflects high standards and expectations for each child to be successful in all areas of instruction. 
    1. We believe in providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and technologies necessary to succeed in the global community of the 21st. 
    1. We believe all children can learn.

Toolkit Index

  • Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    For the safety of our students, it is important that the following procedures be adhered to when dropping off and picking up students from school.

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  • Communication

    For the partnership between home and the school to be successful it is important to continue positive communication.

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  • Emergency Cards

    Please remember to fill this card out completely and update any changes throughout the school year.

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  • Emergency School Closings

    Weather and other unforeseen events may create the need to close schools during the school day. It is important that every family has a plan for children in the event of an early closing.

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  • Parent Visitations / Volunteers

    We encourage parents to visit our school and participate in our activities.

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  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Two formal parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled each year. Learn more about your students school environment and schedule an appointment.

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  • Parties at School

    In an effort to protect important instructional time and follow the Berkeley County Schools Nutrition Policy, food items for student birthdays are prohibited. Student birthdays are recognized in our daily morning announcements. If you would like to read to your child's class, or send in a small non-food birthday treat for the class on your child's birthday, please reach out to his/her teacher. Please be sure that the teacher gives permission for what you plan to send.

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  • Personal Property

    All toys, electronic devices, cell phones, personal items, and non-requested money should be kept at home during the school day.

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  • Safety

    To maintain the safety of all students and staff, our front doors will remain locked throughout the school day. Please call the main office, and scan the QR code on the front door, for late arrivals and early student dismissals.

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