Welcome to Inwood Primary School!

  • We are very excited to begin a new school year with all our new and returning families.  While at Inwood Primary, your children will learn, grow, and have fun.

    Primary years are vital to the foundation of a student's education.  We will strive to provide academic, cultural, social and emotional development to all students throughout the school year.  Since children learn at different rates and in varying ways, our staff will help them achieve success in an atmosphere of compassion, praise and encouragement.

    Parental involvement is always encouraged and welcomed. When we all work together towards the same goal, our success can be limitless.  Parents are welcome to join our PTO to support numerous events and activities throughout the school year. We look foward to helping your child reach and exceed their potential as an Inwood Primary Shining Star.


    Ryan Ott, Principal

Vision & Mission

  • Our Core Beliefs at Inwood Primary are...

    We Believe that being POSITIVE in all areas creates an ideal learning environment and community oriented school.

    We believe we are ACCOUNTABLE for the learning and achievement of every student.

    We believe in achieving with INTEGRITY.

    We instill RESPECT for self and others, which creates a safe environment for learning.

    Our Mission at Inwood Primary is ...

    Always Shining

    Always Learning

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