• Welcome to Spring Mills High School's "STEAM on Demand" event.  We are so glad you are here.  Get your family, your take-home kit, device, and get ready to have some fun with STEAM!

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Be sure to stop by SMHS  between the hours of  7:30am and 3:00pm beginning on Wednesday (5/12) to pick up your take-home kit.
  • Enjoy the List of Take-Home STEAM Activities Below:


    *All needed materials (other than scissors) are included in your take home kit.  I have included the items that are in each kit in case you are unable to pick up a kit from SMHS.


    Build Your Own Catapult

    Catapult Example

    Video Catapult Directions

    You will need one plastic spoon, 6-8 large popsicle sticks, and three rubber bands as well as your "ammo" (pom-poms or marshmallows).



    Constellation Cube

    Constellation Cube Template

    Constellation Directions

    You will need one printed copy of the constellation cube, scissors, tape, and an LED candle.

    *The tape in your kit is located in the "Tangle of Triangles" kit.


    Cupcake Wars

    unicorn cupcake

    Show your artistic ability and love for video games by designing your very own "video game" themed cupcake.  Do you love Minecraft or Fortnite, make your favorite character in the form of a cupcake.  Be sure an adult helps you with baking!  Take a picture and share on social media (#SMHSSTEAM) or email your picture to cemarcum@k12.wv.us.



    Easter Egg Genetics

    Plastic Easter eggs


    Video: Introduction of Student Instructors

    Video: Genetics Terminology

    Video: How to do a Punnett Square

    You will need three eggs one and a half of two different colors.  One color egg labeled BB, the other color labeled bb, and the third 1/2 one color 1/2 the other color egg labeled Bb.



    Christmas Light Electricity

    Christmas light with battery

    Video:  Directions for Light it Up

    *Warning- please use dry hands and hold the tape on the wires, don't touch the wires directly*

    You will need one christmas light cut from a strand with the edges of the wires stripped down to the copper, one AA battery, and two pieces of electrical tape.


    Tangle of Triangles

    Tangle of Triangles

    Directions: Tangle of Triangles

    You will need the printed templates of four triangles, scissors, and tape.



    Pi Skyline Art

    Pi skyline art

    Video: Pi Skyline Art

    You will need the first several digits of pi, graph paper, a marker/pen/pencil, art paper, and glue.  

    *Glue is found in your "Make Your Own Kaleidoscope" kit.



    3-D Shapes

    3-D figures made of straws

    Video: Making 3-D Figures

    You will need straight (non-bendy) straw and pipe cleaners. 



    Make Your Own Harmonica

    Rubber Band and Popsicle Stick Harmonica

    Rubber Band Harmonica Directions

    You will need two large popsicle sticks, three rubber bands, and two small straw pieces.



    Marker Chromatography

    Marker Chromatography Strips

    Video: Marker Chromatography Directions

    You will strips of paper towels, markers, cups with small amounts of water.




    Mobius Strips

    Mobius Strip

    Video: Infinity and Me Book

    Video: Mobius Strips

    You will a strip of paper, tape, and scissors.





    DNA model

    DNA Model

    DNA Model Information and Directions

    You will two full-length pipe cleaners, ten 2 inch pipe cleaners, 5 beads each of four different colors.





    Make Your Own Kaleidscope

    Paper Kaleidscope

    Video: Kaleidoscope Directions

    You will need two index cards, two half sheets of cardstock, scissors, tape, glue, a mylar or foil sheet, bendy piece of a straw, decorations (markers, crayons, stickers, etc.) for the circle.



    Marshmallow Geometry

    Marshmallow Pretzel Shapes

    Video: Marshmallow Geometry 

    You will need pretzel sticks and marshmallows.



    Mathematical Flowers

    Math Flower 

     Video: Math Flower Directions

    You will need the flower template, scissors, glue, a writing utensil, and crayons or colored pencis to decorate. 



    Animal Encounters- Ms. Sara Slatcoff, SMHS Science Teacher

    S. Slatcoff with snake

    Video: Frog LC

    Video: Snake Shedding



    Animal Encounters- Mrs. Pamela Stegall and Mrs. Rebecca Kelly

    honey bees on a hive

    Video: Honey Bees

    You will need honey bee handouts for optional activities.



    Animal Encounters- Cicadas!


    Cicada Mania webpage

    You will need cicada handouts (infographic and BINGO card) for optional activities.



    WV Litter Busters- Mrs. Rebecha Catlett, SMHS ESL Teacher

    WV Litter Busters

     Video: WV Litter Busters

    You will need a bag to collect litter around your neighborhood.




    Frog Tesselation

    Video: Tesselation Directions

    You will need an index card, pencil, scissors, drawing or copy paper, and tape.




    Climate Versus Weather

    Weather Report

    Poem: Climate Versus Weather

    Experiment: Cool as Water or Air?

    You will need two glasses, water, access to a freezer.