Librarian: Mrs. Greenfield

  • Library policies and procedures 2022-2023: 

    Students have the right to borrow and use materials from the SMMS library if they remain in good standing with all Berkeley County School libraries. Students may borrow one item from the school library for a period of three weeks. Any item that is returned damaged or lost will require that the student pay the replacement cost of the item. When an item is 30 school days overdue, the student may be assigned lunch detention, which could continue until the item is returned, paid for, or an arrangement for payment is made with the librarian.    
    Students will attend classes in the library at least every three to four weeks with a subject area teacher such as reading. They may also come to the library in the mornings during homeroom, during lunch, and at other times with a pass from a teacher to select a book or to complete work.  The open library time is for quiet activities such as homework, reading, school-related computer work, or board games.    

    All E-materials, Destiny Discover, EBSCO, SORA, and Tumblebooks are available to students 24 hours a day all year long. Students will never be restricted from using these resources because of overdue or lost books. 


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Sora: video directions

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  • These databases are free resources through the West Virginia Library Commission. There are over 23 databases available on such topics as World Book Onlne (ID:4west PW:virginia), Science, NovelList Plus k-8, and WV History. 

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