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    Mussselman High
                      Once an Applemen, Always an Applemen 
    Musselman High School Athletic Hall of Fame


    Philosophy: The philosophy of the Musselman High School Athletic Hall of Fame is designed to provide a comprehensive collection of statistical data for all sports, build cohesion among athletics, community and recognition for outstanding performance. The purpose is to conduct an event that brings “Appleman Pride” to the forefront on one evening that highlights the accomplishments of its alumni, coaches and friends.

    Objective: To honor and recognize extended service and accomplishments brought to Musselman High School athletics and to generate even better social interaction among Musselman High School graduates and community members.

    Historical Background: Musselman High School was funded and built by the C. H. Musselman Foundation in 1949, as a public school for Berkeley County, West Virginia. The school was originally located in Bunker Hill and provided educational opportunities for students in grades 7-12. In 1998, the current Musselman High School was constructed and a middle school was built to accommodate the growth, leaving the school as solely a 9-12 high school was renovated from the original high school. Over the years, the school has grown to include all of the following sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, track, tennis, cross-country, softball, cheerleading and golf. There have been 3 state FB champion teams, 26? regional champion teams and 49? sectional champion teams as well as a number of individual state champions.

    Purpose: To recognize and honor those that have performed before us and given graciously to our school.