• Bunker Hill Elementary is constantly looking for more and better ways to
    enrich the educational value of our students. 
    Because these ideas always involve money, we are always looking for easy ways to raise funds without causing a financial hardship on our families.
    If you have contacts within the community or at your place of employment,
    please let our PTA or school office know.  
    Sometimes our everyday purchases can also help our school.  
    Please take the time to look into these easy fundraising ideas
    and help if you can.

    Bunker Hill Elementary collects the following:

    Box Tops

    Cereal Baking

             Visit the following website for a more descriptive product list.
     Clip the labels from these many popular products and send them to school with your child. 
    Coca-Cola Cares Program
    Bunker Hill Elementary is now collecting lids from all Coca-Cola products.  Each lid earns money for our school!!
    You can send the lids to the school OR visit the following website to enter the codes.