Parent Information


    Although we would like to accommodate, we cannot accept deliveries of book bags, cell phones, homework,or clothes for PE and sports events (practices, games). This is a disruption to instructional time and we do not have the space to store items.  Please stress to your student to prepare the night before to make sure all items needed are with them to ensure a successfulday. 

    We do accept eye glasses, contacts, medicine (administeredby the parent) and lunch money.

    If your child takes medicine on a regular basis, please contact the nurse’s office for proper paperwork signed by your doctor with authorization to administer.


    To obtain a proof of enrollment for a driver’s permit or license, students must sign up in the cafeteria during theirlunchtime.  They will then be processed and may be picked up in the attendance office during class changes or at lunch.  Students will not be dismissed during instructional time so please allow ample time between classes to pick up your enrollment form.

    Students missing 15 or more unexcused days will not be eligible for a proof of enrollment.  WV State Law requires us to withhold that document and also pull active WV State Driver’s Licenses from any student who has obtained 15 or more unexcused days.

    Please make sure to send notes when your student is absent.


    Sometimes a letter of enrollment is necessary for insurance companies or legal matters.  This letter is obtained from your student’s guidance counselor.


    Social Security Documents will be filled out by the attendance office.  You may call (304)267-3530 ext.  to have this completed or stop by the attendance office. Please allow time for processing.


    Work permits are necessary for any student who is under 18 years of age.  Once the student has obtained the job, they may come to the attendance office to sign up for a work permit. This is to be done during class change or at lunch.  Students will not be dismissed during instructional time to do this.