Driver's License Information

  • Students do not need to obtain proof of enrollment or any documentation from Berkeley County Schools to recieve their driver's permit or license. 

    If a student has more than 10 unexcused absences there could be restrictions placed on their license. 


I Received a Legal Notice, Now What?

    • Make contact, either face to face or via the telephone, with the school contact indicated on the Legal Notice within the appropriate time frame.
    • Take corrective actions to ensure that your child does not accrue additional unexcused absences. Please note unexcused absences already accrued will not be re-coded.
    • Talk with your child; ensure that they understand the importance of turning in notes. Develop a plan with them as to how they will turn in notes. This will help teach them responsibility.
    • Communication is the key to avoid truancy issues.  Providing a note when your child is absent from school ensures that absences can be coded correctly and eliminates any unnecessary unexcused absences.
    • After a legal notice is provided, if continued unexcused absences continue, it is possible that truancy charges will be charged.  Please communicate with the school to make sure that absences are coded correctly.
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