Get access to your K12 email account information here

    intial k12 e-Mail request.

    You will need your Employee ID and a non-k12/personal email address. We are an Office 365 district, so along with email, you get access to Microsoft Office products.


    If you have moved schools/positions/locations, please complete the I MOVED survey.


    If you are newly hired and need an OFFICIAL E-MAIL SIGNATURE please use this form.


    Many platforms use a Single Sign-on (SSO).

    USERNAME: <firstpartofemail>

    PASSWORD: <email password>

    Platforms that use SSO

    Once you log into Schoology join either the

    • PK-5 Teacher group (join code: TRWG6-FC6SS)
    • Secondary Teacher group (join code 4C99Z-Z7H7B).

    In the resource sections of these groups there are curriculum maps, online textbook information, and lots of other helpful content.    

Welcome New Teachers

Welcome to Berkeley County Schools!

New Teacher Tech Survival Kit by Derek Oldfield

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