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School Bond Information Session - Presentation Recording

This video is a recorded presentation given by Joe Burton, Executive Director of Maintenance and Facilities, to school staff on October 26, 2022. 

BCS November 8, 2022 Bond

  • As the second largest and fastest growing school district in West Virginia, Berkeley County Schools (BCS)  serves 19,679* students through 32 school locations. Due to the area's growth and increasing population, the district is facing substantial student enrollment growth. A 2021 study conducted by Business Information Services, LLC.,  projects Berkeley County Schools to add nearly 4000 students by 2031. (View this enrollment study located on this webpage within Additional Resources).
    The most recent school bond ($51.5 million) to address enrollment growth and capacity was approved by the voters in 2009. It will expire in 2025.  This same bond was refunded and refinanced in 2020 to save interest costs.
    The proposed school bond of $124,490,000 is being placed on the November 8, 2022 general election ballot and proposes new construction, renovations, and additions as well as major repairs, replacements, updates, improvements and/or enhancements of current facilities that cannot be financed through an annual school district operating budget.  If the bond passes, there is a potential for an additional $25,000,000 from the West Virginia School Building Authority. Click on the icons below to view projected projects.  

    "Providing a proper and adequate education of students to prepare them for gainful employment or further education" is stated within this bond order.  The average school building age of Berkeley County Schools is 54 years, with eight schools reaching the 100-year mark by 2031.  "Together with due regard for proper health and safety standards, make it necessary that the Board of Education acquire, enlarge, equip, extend, furnish, improve, construct and renovate certain school building and facilities" to protect the past, current, and future investments made by the Berkeley County community.

    *Enrollment for 2021-2022 per WVDE ZoomWV 


  • Project List
  • What is a Bond?
  • Voting Information
  • How will passage affect my taxes?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How are school bonds relevant to Berkeley County residents who do not have children enrolled in BCS?

  • How do school districts finance new school construction, renovations and additions?

  • How much enrollment growth is expected for Berkeley County Schools by 2031?

  • How will the funding from the November 2022 School Bond help to address this projected growth in enrollment?

  • I am hearing conversations about removing the personal property tax for WV citizens. If that would occur, will I still pay on school current bonds and levies?

  • If the November 2022 school bond is approved by the voters, will it overlap with any school bonds currently in place with BCS?

  • If this bond passes on November 8, 2022, when will I see it on my tax bill?

  • In addition to new school facilities and the addition, what other projects are projected to be funded from the November 2022 bond?

  • Is it possible that a taxpayer (Class I, II, III, & IV) may be taxed on more than one bond at a time?

  • The November 2022 school bond is projected to fund projects in the next three years, but the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) that is required by the WV Code for a school district is a 10-year plan. Is it possible other bonds may be needed to cover the costs of projects identified in the completed 10-year CEFP? What other projects are being planned for future bonds?

  • Are school bonds unique to Berkeley County?

  • What BCS projects have been completed with earlier bonds?