Intermediate School Curriculum Maps

  • Berkeley County Schools adopts instructional materials based upon rules set forth in the West Virginia Code, West Virginia Department of Education policies, and our local policies.  Instructional resources are broadly defined and “include print materials, electronic resources and systems, or combinations of such instructional resources which convey information to a student that covers no less than eighty percent the required content and skills approved by the state board for subjects taught in the public schools.”

    The selection of instructional resources in a multi-step process starts with the establishment of an adoption schedule for all of the content areas required to be taught in West Virginia Schools.  The adoption schedule for instructional materials divides the content areas into specific groups and is reviewed on a six-year cycle.  The State Board of Education adoption schedule can be found here

    Each year, the State Superintendent of Schools must provide to county boards of education a list of registered vendors of instructional resources.  Lists of registered vendors for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years can be found here.   The current list, along with other information regarding the adoption cycle, can be found here.

    Berkeley County Schools has chosen to adopt its instructional materials from the list of instructional resources approved by the West Virginia Board of Education.  It reviews the selections and, with the help of school curriculum teams, selects from the state list which instructional materials it will use for the time period in question. 

    Once Berkeley County Schools selects a vendor for its instructional materials, it receives a list of supplemental instructional resources available through that vendor.  Supplemental instruction resources are those materials, like library books and reference materials, which are available in addition to the instructional materials described above.  These supplemental resources are both curricular and recreational in nature.  Although not required to be reviewed on the same schedule as its instructional materials, Berkeley County Schools reviews its supplemental resources to ensure that they continue to meet the criteria set forth in Berkeley County Schools Policy IFAA.  This process is ongoing, as supplemental resources may be added or removed at any time.

    Please check back periodically as this list will continue to be revised.  Parents, students and school personnel are welcome to provide comments and feedback on any of these materials and should contact their school principal.

    Currently, our supplemental instructional resources include the following:

  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade