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  • Our school district is excited to announce that we are working to bring you access to a smartphone app to improve communication, school bus safety, and efficiency. The Edulog Parent Portal app provides you with information on the GPS location of your child’s school bus and sends you a push notification when the bus is nearing your bus stop or other locations that you define – such as the school or neighborhood entrance. Explore the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using the App

  • Q: How do I follow a bus in the Parent Portal App?

  • Q: How do I choose buses to follow in the app?

  • Q: How do I see the bus location in the app?

  • Q: What does the date and time stamp mean on the map?

  • Q: What does the HOME tab tell me?

  • Q: Why can’t I see the location of our school bus at night or on the weekend?

  • Q: What if the map is inaccurate?

Receiving Notifications

  • Q: How reliable are the notifications?

  • Q: How can I be notified when my bus enters a certain area?

  • Q: When will I get notifications in the radius around my student’s bus stop?


  • Q: What is Edulog’s Parent Portal? How do I sign up to use it?

where's my bus app home screen with map

How to Get Started With Edulog Parent Portal

  • Have a question? Contact us! If you have additional questions regarding the app, please contact our transportation department at: 304-267-3575