National Board Certified Teachers at BCS

  • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) improves teaching and student learning. National Board Certified Teachers are highly accomplished educators who meet high and rigorous standards. Like other certified professionals, teachers who achieve National Board Certification successfully complete a rigorous process that includes a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. 

    Currently, BCS is home to 121 National Board Certified educators.  These teachers volunteer their time to examine and strengthen their teaching practice, in an effort to positively impact student learning and achievement.

    Leading West Virginia in National Board Certified teachers, Berkeley County Schools is proud to offer supports aimed at encouraging educators to grow their careers and sharpen their skills. 

BCS Supports teachers pursuing NBCT with the following

  • Monthly support meetings

  • NBC Mentors/Teachers

  • NBC administrative assistance

  • Graduate credit from Shepherd University

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  • Craig Arch, Assistant Principal, Opequon Elementary "I can say with certainty the support BCS offered during my National Board candidacy is a major contributing factor to my achieving certification. Anne Laskey and specifically, Sonya Shockey, were extremely supporting and were instrumental to my success. Frankly, I could not have achieved certification without the support of the cohort and the monthly meetings."
  • Kevin Frankhouser, Counselor, Hedgesville High "I am extremely grateful for the support I have received through Berkeley County Schools while working through National Board certification. BCS mentors helped me through my initial certification as well as my maintenance of certification by providing the information and support I needed to be successful. I really appreciate the time and effort my mentors provided when they proofread my writing and offered constructive feedback. They really wanted me to be the best I could be. When I submitted my work to the National Board, I was confident I was submitting a good final product."
  • Karla Hilliard, Teacher, Spring Mills High The BCS NBCT mentoring meetings were an enormous source of support, confidence, and motivation. Without mentoring, I'm not sure I would've successfully completed NBCT certification. The mentors' expertise and knowledge of the NBCT process helped clarify this very demanding and complicated work, and the one-on-one mentoring meetings were crucial to my success. My mentor (Dr. Ponton) provided me with invaluable feedback, and he went above and beyond to meet with me on my time and successfully see me through the process. He celebrated my victories but did not shy away from critical feedback when needed. He helped me understand the groundwork of the NBCT process and gave me important tips for organizing and approaching my writing and portfolio components. I was fortunate to successfully complete all four 4 components in one try, and this would not have been possible without the support of the BCS NBCT mentors.
National Board Professional Teaching Certification
  • Liz Jorgensen, Teacher, Spring Mills High National Board Certification is an arduous process. I honestly can't imagine trying to figure out and complete all of the components with no help or support. Berkeley County is amazing in the level of support that they give teachers who are working on NBC. They hold monthly meetings which help keep the candidates on track and also explain what the National Board is looking for in various components. They provide mentors for each candidate, and your mentor gives crucial feedback on your written work. I am sure that I would not have scored as well as I did without the feedback from my Berkeley County mentor on my written work and also the support from the entire Berkeley County NBC team. Berkeley County is a great place to work, and the support that they give to NBC candidates is just one of the many aspects of that.
  • Jeff Mason, Teacher, Valley View Elementary "BCS provided the resources, insight, and encouragement I needed to achieve NBC".