Media Information

  • Berkeley County Schools is committed to sharing accurate and timely information with the community concerning activities and events that occur in our schools. We recognize the importance of the news media in assisting us in this effort. We will share information in a timely manner, with respect given to the privacy of our students and employees. 

    To effectively streamline the release of information, all media inquiries must be directed through the Director of Communications who will act as the official liaison and primary contact for media on behalf of Berkeley County Schools. This includes requests for any interviews, access to schools/campuses, property and facilities, and for information relevant to policies, procedures, and initiatives.

Media Access to Schools

  • Berkeley County Schools is committed to transparency and welcomes members of the media into our schools and campuses. To ensure the privacy of our students and employees, members of the media must first receive approval from the Office of Communications before arriving on school grounds. Requests may be made by telephone or email to the Director of Communications. The media must supply the following information:

    • the date and general time of day a reporter wants to come into the school
    • to whom the reporter wants to talk
    • for what reason

    School Board policy (KM) requires all visitors report to the school office when arriving on a school campus. All visitors, including the media, must sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge. Press identification, with photo, is required to receive a visitor badge. For the safety of all students and staff, we ask you help us uphold our policy. Notification to the Office of Communications and checking into the school office is required any time the media is on the grounds of a school or campus regardless of intent to enter the building. 

    At the discretion of the Director of Communications, and in cooperation with school/District administrators, media access will be granted and/or interviews will be arranged. Interviews will not be conducted during school hours or on school property without the approval and presence of a school/District administrator or designee.

     Before any minor is photographed, video recorded or interviewed by the media, parental notification must be made, and the student enrollment card verified for such approval.          

Request for Information

  • To ensure the protection of student/employee privacy Berkeley County Schools will:

    • Not release any information that may reveal a student’s identity;
    • Respect the privacy of its teachers and employees and will not release any personal or personnel-related information unless required by law;
    • Not comment on any case that is before the courts; and
    • Refer all questions that may be related to a police investigation.